A New Free MMORPG on the Block – The Myth of Soma

What is The Myth Of Soma?

The Myth of Soma is a 2d isometric free MMORPG in which 2 races battle to become the strongest race known to the lands of soma with weekly race wars. Also, Myth of Soma has an excellent guild system which gives great guild war PVP. Myth of Soma opens up a new world with the ability to take a new path for each of your characters. You task is to balance your strengths and weakness so you can survive in the lands of Soma.

Myth of Soma Features


The ability to craft foods, waters, accessories, armours and weapons is available. You get to improve your crafting skill and make even better, incredible items that’ll make you the one stop person to visit in the lands of Soma.
Features Myth of soma a free MMORPG


Player VS Environment – The Myth of Soma allows you to wander alone or hunt in groups to level to progress throughout the lands of Soma with many different areas and monsters to conquer, where will you start?
PVE Myth of soma a free MMORPG


When starting the Myth of Soma you will be able to choose between one of two races. The humble human class, or their devil counterparts. Although the character levelling style is much different, these races clash each week at the war of the worlds fighting to obtain the possession of the Continental army area, which is an important part of the Myth of Soma.
PVP Myth of soma a free MMORPG


Amongst your journeys in the Myth of Soma you will be able to create or join a guild which can war with other guilds through the Myth of Soma. A weekly guild village war challenges every guild to obtain the Guild Village Town of which only one guild can win at one time. Owning this will show which guild reigns supreme in the lands of soma. To win this war, you will need to have wits as well as strength.
Guilds Myth of soma a free MMORPG

Character Progression

Your time playing the Myth of Soma will allow your character to progress through questing, levelling and of course player VS player combat. Your character will have to learn new spells obtain new auras and gain new weapons in order to survive in the Myth of Soma.
Character progression Myth of soma a free MMORPG

The History

The once globally popular game The Myth of Soma developed by Comnjoy lost its support when Comnjoy went into liquidation and disbanded the project. Soon after, the Chinese server shut down and unfortunately in 2007 the “official” European server for the Myth of Soma shut down due to security issues. This left a great opening for the return of the Myth of Soma back to its original standard of greatness. That has been the task of somadev.


SomaDev Myth of soma a free MMORPG
Somadev is a team of developers who have taken it upon themselves to take the Myth of Soma under their wing and to use their skills and coding talent to not only bring the game back from the dead, but to bring it back much better than it has ever been, to meet the demands of the current gaming industry. They plan to release Myth of Soma in BETA format in the near future. So stay tuned.
The team of developers also helped work on the official Myth of Soma server during its last days. SomaDev obtained an old copy of the client source code, and then converted it from a standard platform to a far more advanced platform which rivals other games leading today.

So what new features have been added by SomaDev?

With an aim to improve the overused features that Myth of Soma originally supported, Somadev has been able to add new and improved features. Some of which are seen in the more popular free MMORPG’s of today.

How much will this game cost?

That’s the best part. This game is totally FREE. It is a completely free MMORPG, meaning it has no start up costs or no monthly fees. The Somadev server is dedicated to providing a free MMORPG for anyone to play and it will always be this way. Check back often for news on the Myth of Soma, also check out the Myth of Soma Forum or Myth of Soma Blog.