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read this guys

PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2016 8:19 pm
by phoenixgolden
i have all of everything on this forum i downloaded it all when they all came out all on my hard drive i got it going i running rhys ghostlord server atm with sins and i have every single file on this forum on my computer and i wont upload becos i got remixs db rhys unreals every ones databasse's on this computer im puting them all together to make a nice server i will put up but will take time guys as my tools remix tools isnt working i dont know why just comes up with silly error but works on sins so we can deal with that :)

(but if someone knows about tools if u have facebook add me bradley michael cole, or pm me on here)

this post is becos i can make this forum alive again.

sorry about my spelling everyone knows me i cant spell that well lol