maybe a iconinc bug of demon soma?

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maybe a iconinc bug of demon soma?

Postby waily » Fri Apr 12, 2013 2:42 am


in my server, two demon chars, sclass is 12(spear),istr is 463+,icon is 499+,i found their iconinc became 100+(113523885),istrinc only 2.2+(2217172)

when they exit game,i turn their iconinc to 0,but when they log into game,and kill monster,got some slevel exp, their iconinc became 100+ again...why?

PS:the table d_tb_inc_con:
sid slevel con rdcon wdcon
27 460 2 1 1
28 590 1 1 1
table d_tb_inc:str 460 is same as d_tb_inc_con
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