Window Test Client - Here

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Window Test Client - Here

Postby evaltia » Fri Dec 23, 2011 7:01 pm

I don't know if anyone would find this helpful but I got my hands on a client which required a launcher to run
due to the fact I don't have the game I cant test this but I'm assuming it works.

I didn't create this, just unpacked it so the usable EXE would run without the launcher, by the insides it looks allot like a original client so addresses to change ovens etc should be the same, rename the EXE to "Soma.exe" and use your short cut, do NOT try to run it just by clicking on the Soma.exe you will get an error.

a couple of people said they didn't have a window client and didn't know where to get one hence the upload

Back to creating console softmods for me I think so if doesn't work but only needs slight modifications perhaps another dev on here could do it for you lot so there is a "Base" window mode

Hope your scene moves forward guys :)

(Given the way I have Unpacked it and dis-included any files that might stop this running on any 1P1 I am confident it will work, if it does not work state what's wrong and if unfixable this tread can be deleted)
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Re: Window Test Client - Here

Postby POW » Fri Dec 23, 2011 8:42 pm

There is a base window client. There's been 1 from finito and 1 made from korean files. There both on the forum / in others client folders without any protection. So all that would be needed is encryptions changed. However the values needed to change these are not the same as they are on a regular client due to the modifications needed to allow window mode.
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