Crafting, Guild allying

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Crafting, Guild allying

Postby Rumz » Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:58 pm

Ok another suggestion by me :) but aye, like i say all the time i don't expect all my idea to be implanted merely idea's that could make soma server more interesting..


One thing i remember on esoma crafting was how easy it was to get ruby ect, one thing that lack on previous servers was the avaiblity of these gems..

Now i know that some of these gems are used in higher crafting, and diamond used for 4th healing...

Maybe something a bit similar could be added with the same effects but give crafting that edge, i miss armors being created with 10-10 blue MD..

Maybe a new gem system for crafting that is slightly easier to obtain, but lack the greatness..

Guild Allying

I heard there is a possibility of guilds size being reduce, what i do suggest is adding the guild allying without being owner of GV, this could be done in two ways?

1 million barr + 50 cha for 1 allies.
3 million barr + 70 cha for 2 allies.

If Guild Village allows all players to use trace, i think it would be interesting how people ally and could make GV a little bit more interesting.

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