DSoma brainstorm - mage & more

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DSoma brainstorm - mage & more

Postby ghostlord » Thu Aug 22, 2013 5:18 pm

Right, the last few days I spent some time with Elundra talking about DSoma. Here are the lists, not all the things are meant to implement but rather to pick the ones we want and combine them in the best possible way, or even creating new ones from here. It's not as much as I thought it'd be but its a start.

- Space spells further, a lot further from each other. Add corresponding requirements and prices. The numbers depend on what you consider as the requirements of the last spell so I won't name any.
- Have two sets of armor, one requiring WIS for melee defence (not as str as melee armor) and one requiring INT for magic defence
- Turn Hwan castle into a mage castle, can add mage quests, npc's, etc

- Have a lot of the main spells have two upgrades; an -x and -y version (for lack of name). Each spell would have its unique characteristics.
- Creeping Chaos, currently the last spells - should be made a 'legendary' or end-game spell. Hard to get (quest chain?) and made for PvP (high MP short cast time).
- Explosion (lvl 2) - should be the last hunting spell (low mp/dmg ratio)
- Poison - X version long duration low dmg per tick, Y version short duration high dmg per tick
- Heal 3 lvls, low / mid / end game
- AoE heal, mid level - X version high range high mp cost/ Y version low range (8 people) low mp cost)

Weaken, now here's there are a few options:
- Remove it completely and change the spell power on all spells to compensate
- Remake it and make it black, only one lvl, single cast and if possible only 1.5x dmg instead of 2x, compensate other spells slightly
- Remake it and make it black, copy hsoma in lvls and stats
- Add a complete school of blue magic
- Simply keep fireball and weaken in a (should be looked at) quest chain. If this is done it needs to be upgradeble - lvl 1 weaken isn't good enough

- Keep item exchange, add more items and space the drops
- 'Uptier' mid lvl items (need your old armor to exchange into new)
- Add noob accessory that's exchangeble (craftable)
- Add the X and Y version for armors - chose your stat bonus

- Increase spawn area of inguits slightly and increase spawn at least 25%
- Increase Rotting Corpses in spawn by 200%
- Remove lizardmen from WBM spawn

Infernal caves
- Turn it into a mat drop map
- Add (class) quests
- Add higher level quests with corresponding mobs
- Add summonable bosses mwun style

- Replace the existing mobs (keep the skins, they are perfect) with stronger end-game ones, place the old ones in IC
- End-game (class) quest area
- End-game spell and aura npc's
- Make use of the forge/ovens there (end-game item exchange)
- more special bosses

- Add quests; hunting/collection quests, 'legendary' or end game quests, class quests with specific rewards, event quests (halloween/christmas/anniversary/etc), quests with customizability rewards - people like to look different
- Give melee characters spells (yes, i'm going here, and it's mad I know, wasn't my idea xD). However, it's not without restraint. All devil melee characters can get first 2-4 spells + lvl 1 heal, no more. It's simply for pulling mobs and small advantages. Also this opens up the possibility for class spells (trace for bow instead of the aura?)
- Make some melee resistant bosses - needs 1/2 melee tanks rest should do magic dmg

ok.. it's a lot more than I though, please don't quote this post or take out parts if you do.
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Re: DSoma brainstorm - mage & more

Postby unvmeh » Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:06 pm

Give Demon mages higher attacking staves to allow them to increase str gains.

Devil Mages had very low def.

On esoma my devil Mage level 65+ got 2/3 hit from a melle char around same level.

And due to magic damage cap wouldn't even cause stress to most players especially humans as they can train both.

Release the 100 blsck magic skill cap for devils this will allow more damage.
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Re: DSoma brainstorm - mage & more

Postby DazTheMe » Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:33 pm

EDIT* obviously we dont expect massive changes overnight, more of an insite of future patches.

Hopefully the HP calc will mage's a boost from what Esoma was used to, making then slightly more defencive, also being paired with the evasion aura will provide a better base for defence.

As for the overhaul of spells I can't really comment, although adding extra grades of spells and spread out I agree with.

I'de love to see soma as a quest heavy game up untill very high levels as currently I can only think of 3 quests actually worth doing, the 2 100k quests and the 30 skill weapon quest.

Rewards could very from:

weps/arm/access/low amounts of pos/low amounts of rested exp/barr/single use world shouts/pvp pots (low weight high hp)/moral points/putting a char into hp recovery for a time/re-naming armour/weps

Not sure about giving chars magic spells but maybe if it was only status spells itd be ok.

lots of good ideas there ghost.
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