i know testing phase is over but still early days

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i know testing phase is over but still early days

Postby scannell » Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:45 pm

okay, I'm not really sure why the HP procedure /calculator was added i think it was to give people a fair chance to do constitution at there own pace and as a bonus to stop super hp gains ? but with these rates i do think it should be removed. And another issue i have picked up on is the experience bar gain for when your offline, which i think is beneficial to us all but it still doesn't even out the playing field but im not sure if the intervals are fair. You get characters that are played 20+ hours a day.

The good thing about E-soma every character was unique and specialized in something not that im putting a negative on this server i just think its worth pointing out now as i do feel numbers will drop as levels get higher. The reason I think this is because every character is going to have the same hp and pretty much the same bag weight based on crafting and majority will have the same strength. mp isnt really relevant at higher level as m tags aren't very useful, when i say high level i mean 90+. so at some point every character will reach the same strength/dexterity and eventually intelligence, at this point people who dont get enough time to grind for items or have a character played 24/7 are going to loose out big time, drops are random but if your playing 20+ hours plus a day. i dont think the difference of having extra intelligence is going to make a bit of difference especially with someone 150+ dex, accuracy gear as its so easy compared to evasion. but on dsoma every class has different stats and as far as im aware each hp gain is also based on class? i am concerned that the same thing will happen all high levels go into main stream guilds, and potentially a monopolies as before, as there is no uniqueness to class. (other than weapon choices but they can be changed). i do enjoy the server and i am going to continue to play. another suggestion is to minimize the affect on all of this, would to band multling, but i suppose thats not possibble?
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