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Re: Server Emulator : Change Log

Postby Finito » Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:34 am

Revision: 150
Author: finito
Date: 23:14:41, 21 July 2009
Fixed: Game time sometimes changing from time 23 to 24 and 23 to 0.

Fixed: NPC spawning.

Fixed: Guard AI.

Fixed: NPC Recall wrong distance.

Fixed: Unable to see attack from NPC if that attack kills the player.

Fixed: Last single shout scroll has black coloured text.

Fixed: Going gray after killing another gray with magic.

Fixed: Unable to use some auras because it thinks your trying to PK.

Implemented: Mage Type. (Was able to use both white and black magic at same time).

Implemented: /setstatus and /status commands.

Implemented: /delete and /dismissed commands.

Fixed: Item quantity in shops that have a limited quantity decreases even when unable to buy the item.

Fixed: Disbanding guild doesn't say which guild was disbanded therefore it bugged other clients and caused them to be unable to chat in guild until logout. (this was already applied to the server)

Fixed: Have to be in PK mode to attack in the arena.
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Re: Server Emulator : Change Log

Postby Finito » Tue Oct 13, 2009 11:46 pm

Revision: 151
Author: finito
Date: 21:22:49, 29 July 2009
Fixed: More improvements to guard AI.

Implemented: Logs saved to a file for some places within the server.

Fixed: Special weapons obtained from monsters. They wasn't working and then when they was the item obtained was bugged.

Fixed: Player cannot revive or warp to town when PK by another race.

Fixed: Player info packet being sent to self when logout. This wasn't needed and was causing network code errors because the client had disconnected.

Revision: 152
Author: finito
Date: 17:08:35, 03 August 2009
Altered: Network code to something more stable.

Implemented: Saving of current active magic and special attacks after a logout.

Implemented: Guild Symbol.

Implemented: Abyss wish / fortune pouch items (Change Rand Item).

Implemented: /mp GM command.

Altered: GuildContribution code, to not change guild money or player money until after all checks.

Bug Fix: When using an MP pot MP goes back to maximum mp - bonus mp from +MP items. (Was using m_sMaxMP in ItemUseReq instead of GetMaxMP().

Bug Fix: GetMaxWgt() was adding bonus from SPECIAL_MAX_STM instead of SPECIAL_MAX_WGT

Bug Fix: GetMaxStm() was adding bonus from SPECIAL_MAX_WGT instead of SPECIAL_MAX_STM

Bug Fix: m_sMaxStm being used where GetMaxStm() should be used.

Bug Fix: SPECIAL_DETOX _BLUE _WHITE and _BLACK don't seem to remove the effect. This also fixes Antidotes. (Was removing the effect on server side but not on the client).

Revision: 153
Author: finito
Date: 05:42:11, 04 October 2009
Bug Fix: Frost wind magic and other magic that uses the same attack method (circle).

Bug Fix: Going gray when using healing wind.

Bug Fix: Warping between towns and hunting areas, character is left invisible and don't move anywhere.

Bug Fix: Revive scroll item is used when reviving from guild war and arena.

Implemented: Guild Storage.

Implemented: Guild War, Still missing /nowar command and item trade.

Implemented: /revivemon GM command

Implemented: /recallmon GM command.

Implemented: /inv GM command.

Implemented: /invrestore GM command.

Implemented: Special Attack Circle Method. Used by Knuckle 3rd/5th and Sword 3rd/5th.

Bug Fix: Add missing checks for devil soma class in DeadThrowMoney. Moral needed to be inverted. It was giving a more chance of higher money drop to those moving closer to Devil moral on devil soma instead of the opposite.

Implemented: SPECIAL_MORAL_ADD used by items like Holy Water.

Altered: Distance on finding an available spot on the map from 5 to 20 for LinkToSameZone and LinkToOtherZone.

Implemented: Player Item Trading.

Revision: 154
Author: finito
Date: 03:30:56, 05 October 2009
Implemented: Guild Town War.
/townstart GM command
/townend GM command
/return Player command

Revision: 155
Author: finito
Date: 07:55:12, 06 October 2009
Bug Fix: Losing moral when get killed by stone guard during GVW.

Bug Fix: Using MAX_GUILD_TOWN when should have been using g_arGuildTownData.GetSize() instead when loop through the guild town data.

Bug Fix: IsMovable_C add missing Zone parameter for use by FindRandPointInRect_C. It was not using the Zone provided to the FindRandPointInRect_C function therefore if player was on another Zone it would try to convert client co ordinate to server co ordinate using the wrong map size.

Implemented: GV Stone. Trace and Recall.

Revision: 156
Author: finito
Date: 18:57:38, 10 October 2009
Bug Fix: Can have a guild war during guild village war.

Bug Fix: CheckGuildWarArmy, not checking if Target is in a guild village war area.

Bug Fix: Target checks on attack functions forgetting to add USER_BAND to the target id. This caused problems e.g. Frost Wind doing damage to self.

Bug Fix: Server crashing when adding items to trade.

Bug Fix: Missing entering and leaving critical section for m_arExchangeItem.

Bug Fix: Guild village war does not reset if the owner guild is disbanded.

Revision: 157
Author: finito
Date: 05:13:08, 11 October 2009
Bug Fix: Guild Town War Keeps Starting over and over.

Bug Fix: Guild Town War showing in progress message after it has ended.

Bug Fix: Guild Town War TimeZone Issues. Server is in a different TimeZone so have made it use UTC. Also added a STARTTIME and ENDTIME to the soma.ini for the guild town war which can be used to set what hour it will start and end. GVW Start messages altered to include 'UTC'.

Bug Fix: Game timer is starting before everything has loaded.

Bug Fix: Not checking for SPECIAL_EFFECT_SPEED in FillUserInfo and also bDeadEnable thats used by NPC was set to 1 instead of 0.

Implemented: Devil Soma Class Checks in CalcPlusValue and PlusWeaponExp because of the 50 skill weapon thing.

Implemented: Moral loss from PK. SetMoralByPK.

Revision: 158
Author: finito
Date: 23:44:45, 13 October 2009
Implemented: Devil Soma Class Checks in CheckOtherJobLimit to do with the 50 skill weapon thing.
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Re: Server Emulator : Change Log

Postby Finito » Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:08 pm

Revision: 159
Author: finito
Date: 05:06:47, 24 January 2010
THIS LOG IS FOR CHANGES BETWEEN 18th October 2009 and 3rd November 2009.

Enabled Devil Soma character creation.

Enabled Devil Soma GVW.

Bug Fix: Devil soma characters unable to gain charisma. Added the charisma gained to m_iCHAInc.

Bug Fix: Guild list not filtering on race of character (Human/Devil). Added filter based on race.

Bug Fix: Devil soma constitution exp being taken from the human database table. Changed to read from the devil database table.

Bug Fix: ChangeRandItem sometimes gives invalid index into the table. Was because of randing between 0 and tablesize instead of between 0 and tablesize -1 (Forgot about 0 value being included).

Altered: Disabled POS points because of a bug that has not been fixed with the function. End up with 2 billion POS points.

Altered: Removed rand seedings from within other places of the code. Needs only to be seeded once!
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Re: Server Emulator : Change Log

Postby Finito » Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:08 pm

Revision: 160
Author: finito
Date: 21:05:57, 08 March 2010
THIS LOG IS FOR CHANGES BETWEEN 4th November 2009 and 26th January 2010.

Altered saving of user data upon server shut down. Uses the Close function instead which will disconnect the user and save it's data.

Bug Fix: Failure of NPC initialize (during loading of NPC spawns from monsterset table within database) not being checked and handled. It meant that NPC was still added and caused server to crash due to NPC not being properly initialized.

Bug Fix: Unable set the guild rank name to empty string.

Bug Fix: NPC are able to attack through walls in maps where should not be able to. The IsMapMovable_C function was using client co ordinate where it should have been using server co ordinate.

Bug Fix: Town Portals going to wrong map when on a map is currently owned by the other race. It now checks which race owns the map and teleports the character to the correct town after first finding the teleport corresponding to the map the character is teleporting from.

Bug Fix: Private messages sent to user has character at start of message that should not be there.

Bug Fix: Sometimes wrong guild menu is shown.

Bug Fix: Sometimes wrong result is given when checking guild rank.

Bug Fix: Checking of mage type does not work.

Bug Fix: Changing of guild leader does not work correctly.

Bug Fix: Pre-casted magic will not work after moving or attacking. Forgot to set m_bPreMagicCasted = true within MagicCasting function. Therefore the movement / attack functions would reset the magic currently being casted.
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Re: Server Emulator : Change Log

Postby Finito » Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:57 am

Revision: 161
Author: finito
Date: 02:49:12, 19 March 2010
Tidy up: General house keeping and renaming of functions and variables etc.

Revision: 162
Author: finito
Date: 02:39:08, 27 April 2010
Bug Fix: Missing trading checks within NpcEvent and SelectMsgResult.

Bug Fix: Check guild town level EVT command not working.

Tidy: PKT_AUCTION_MESSAGE renamed to just PKT_MESSAGE and replaced occurrences of 0xC8 with PKT_MESSAGE.

Bug Fix: Con exp not being increased separately for human soma and for normal physical attack it was being increased multiple times (should only be doing it once per hit).

Bug Fix: Special Attacks (Auras), getting wrong exp increases for stats because was using INC_INT type for GetPlusValueCount instead of INC_STR.
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