[release]Source Code for Service Creator

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[release]Source Code for Service Creator

Postby arcanine » Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:15 pm

This is the application I use to set-up services quickly on soma servers if you're interested in learning C# (a great starting language) you can open up this project and take a look around it's fairly basic and if you're new to programming might help you understand how programs are made, any questions about it please let me know, as this is more of a learning resource than anything as the compiled program is available for use elsewhere

You can open it by installing Visual Studio and double clicking the solution file to open it, right click on form1 and click view code to view the logic the program makes use of a library called Nini which allows you to read in data from .ini files that your users can edit and ServiceTools which make manipulating services easier in C#

Alternatively if you're more confident you can open it up and modify it to your needs if you're not happy with the tool any improvements are welcome since there are a few bits in there that aren't needed or don't work (live status updates)

This application is based off a visual basic version created by remix so credits to him for helping me with this
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Re: [release]Source Code for Service Creator

Postby phoenixgolden » Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:16 pm

nice work remix and arcanine looking good lol


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